Claims Manager Hiawatha Franks, who is based in Lake Mary, Florida, leads four teams of workers' compensation specialists at The Hartford Company. Under the guidance of Mr. Franks, each group retains its own nurse case manager, who plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between clients, the company, and care providers.

At its core, the role of a nurse case manager consists of advocating for both the patient and the insurance company by overseeing care. A case manager can help arrange for cost-effective treatment that also heals the patient. As an example, in a post-operative situation, a nurse case manager might arrange follow-up appointments with surgeons and therapists, ensure prescriptions are appropriate and filled as necessary, and verify that any subsequent tests and screenings are truly necessary in order to avoid undue hardship on the patient.

In general, a nurse case manager keeps the big picture in mind while also standing by to answer any questions patients may have. He or she serves as a guide through the medical care process as it relates to recovery.

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