Walden University’s Master of Business Administration program offers a specialization in risk management, incorporating extensive training in leadership. At Walden University, where Hiawatha Franks studied, the MBA program begins with two classes on leadership— Managing and Leading: A Contemporary Approach and Leading People—and finishes with a capstone course on Becoming a World-Class Manager. For Franks, who has significant experience leading teams of insurance adjusters and claim handlers, providing effective and positive leadership is an integral part of his work as an insurance professional.

What makes for effective leadership in the modern working world? While some innate characteristics are helpful, according to psychologists, effective leaders develop their abilities through education, training, and experience. Certain events can trigger valuable insights for aspiring leaders, but generally leadership skills evolve slowly over a long period. Also, while great leaders may be inspiring, and even visionary, they balance their personal charisma with sincere concern for their followers’ well-being and development.

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